What is Kids Connect?

Ctrl Alt Create

Kids Connect is a two day technology based learning conference, run by kids for kids. This year the theme is “ Ctrl Alt Create and it will be organised and run by Year 7 students from St. Thomas’ Primary School.

The conference begins on Wednesday 27th and concludes on Thursday 28th July 2011. The conference will run into the evening on Thursday night, as students present their technology-based creations. The conference is aimed at students from Years 5-7 and will be held at the Brisbane Powerhouse, which is both a producer of contemporary performing arts and a multi-arts venue.

Participating students and teachers, in conjunction with expert facilitators, will have the chance to experience using fantastic technology and software to create a presentation that will make Brisbane city come to life.

The Year 7 students selected “ Ctrl Alt Create” because they thought that the theme really fitted in with what you do at Kids Connect.

Ctrl, represents the action of controlling your computer and your learning to master computer skills which you will learn at Kids Connect. We also chose it because our venue is the Brisbane Powerhouse and back in the olden days the powerhouse use to control the trams that were scattered all around Brisbane.

Alt, represents altering and alternative thinking. The Brisbane powerhouse holds loads of many alternative uses, such as functions, plays, festivals, conferences art exhibits and many more wonderful things.

Create, represents the creative side of Kids Connect. During the conference children will be creating a movie or a song or they could be designing a website and on the very last day, the kids will show their projects and their creative sides will be recognized.

 Presentation from Kids Connect 2010